A Labyrinth We Used To Know

Language is made of broken symbols. What then is the symbol of language? A labyrinth. What is a broken labyrinth? Another labyrinth. Once inside the structure of language, it is very difficult to leave it. From within, we may not notice a difference between a labyrinth and a broken labyrinth. Nevertheless, we have now entered a new phase: we speak the doubly broken symbol beyond language. These leftover pieces aren’t part of any language proper, nor are they symbols. They are the enlightened markings on the walls of a dark beating heart.

Times New Morals – 2018/2019

This ongoing series of crude oils seeks to turn Plato’s cave inside out, waiting for the emergence of a new cave-human out of the ensuing metaphysical hole, spinning themes like time, space, eternity & mercy into garlands to celebrate the entry of this new being. Black oil on painted canvas.